Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi is a Chinese non-aggressive Martial Art. There is a relaxed atmosphere with regards to grading and advancing to the next level. Each pupil does the best according to their ability, and progresses at their own pace. It is not a competition and it is not a religion.

Unlike other martial Arts, Tai Chi uses slow, flowing movements. These movements are called a Form. There is no physical contact with an “opponent”. Once the Form is learned it will improve one’s health, endurance, flexibility and mental serenity. Tai Chi benefits those who have difficulty to concentrate and remain focused. It also brings about an inner discipline. Without doubt the mental, emotional and physical benefits need to be experienced in order to appreciate Tai Chi.

It was an honour for me to be taught this graceful Martial Art by Master Rao Rao Zhao. Master Rao Rao is a well respected Chinese National Certified Judge and former Chinese National Champion from the Province of Henan – The Home of Martial Arts. To Master Rao Rao I owe my gratitude and appreciation for allowing me to embark on a life-changing journey, by becoming her pupil. 


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