Hand Crafted:
Great care is taken in each step of the custom-made piece of jewellery I make... from understanding the client’s requirements, to designing and then creating a unique piece of jewellery that will become an extension of themselves.

Old damaged jewellery can be revived to look as good as new.
The following services are available: resizing of rings, replacing missing gemstones, chain repairs etc. Lost an earring? A matching one can be made. You won’t be able to tell the difference between them.

My jewellery apprenticeship was served under a strict master craftsman, Richard Moon, who only used the traditional method of making individual hand-crafted pieces of jewellery. Richard awakened in me a love and respect for the craft of jewellery-making and for this I will always be grateful. 

It was indeed a privilege to have had the opportunity to watch this craftsman at work behind his bench, creating exquisite pieces of jewellery with such ease and precision. 

I have continued Richard’s tradition. Each piece of jewellery I make is hand-crafted, using silver or gold. Only genuine gemstones are used. Each one is set to enhance the brilliance and uniqueness of that gemstone, enabling it to be fully appreciated. Having been on an intense Gem Identification Course, invaluable guidance is available to clients regarding which gemstones are durable and will hold their lustre and brilliance and will not be susceptible to damage. 


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