Crystal Workshops

These precious gifts from Mother Earth, the Mineral Kingdom, are made available for us to utilise their energies. By tapping into these energies we can enhance the quality of our lives and those around us, plus the planet as a whole.

During the course of the Crystal and Gemstone Workshops the following information is shared: 

... How to handle and care for Gemstones. Gemstones are unique and no two Gemstones should be handled in the same manner.

... How to cleanse Gemstones.

... The Gemstone’s energies also need to be awakened before the work begins. Gemstones must be programmed just as a computer needs to be programmed before it can do the work you expect of it.

... Where to place Gemstones so that they can be of the most benefit.

... Wearing Gemstones on the body.

... Choosing the best gemstone to use when experiencing changes in one’s life.

These are just a few of the topics which are covered at these Workshops. The Workshops aim at giving one a basic, sound foundation to work from, in order for a life-time journey in healing to unfold. 

Please contact me to receive dates and topics on upcoming Workshops. 

I am inspired by Edmund Harold when I give Crystal Workshops. He is a true teacher. His aim was not just to provide people with information about themselves, their bodies, minds and spirits; he also gave ways in which they could discover it for themselves, and apply it. I can never thank Edmund enough for the world of Quartz Crystals he introduced me to.


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